What makes us different?

Buchardt Audio is a Danish based high-end loudspeaker manufacturer. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art sound at an affordable price. We have succeeded in this task with the help of some of the most talented developers and engineers in the industry. Our speakers are the product of a long and meticulous design process.

Don't let the cost of our speakers dissuade you. They can compete with products well above their price range.

Reaching these prices without compromise is impossible. If compromises on the product and development processes are not an option, we need to look elsewhere. We have eliminated expensive marketing, distributors, agents and Hi-Fi dealers. By selling directly to the end user, we eliminate about 60-70% of the cost in comparison to our competitors. Direct sales is not anything new. More and more small companies are doing this. What makes us different is that we rely on big scale production where we produce thousands of speakers in batches, so we benefit from the best possible prices on the parts we use.    

Our focus is purely on performance and quality. To achieve this, we outsource production to a respected Danish/Chinese-owned factory; Hansong in Nanjing, China. Hansong has extensive experience in manufacturing some of the most well known High-End Hi-Fi brands in the world. Models like S300 are assembled, inspected and tested in Denmark. S400 is due to higher requirements for testing, assembled in China and because of its construction, special testing equipment that we don't have in Denmark is needed.

To us, it is of vital importance that the production facility we use offers the best working conditions for the employees. Hansong offers special healthcare benefits to all employees, - a rare sight in China. Hansong is ISO 9001 certified and has facilities in China, Denmark and USA.