The S300 MKII is a very neutral sounding speaker, but not by any means boring to listen to. It has smooth and detailed highs, with a mid-range that really brings the voices forward. Although it’s only equipped with a single 6” bass woofer, the amount of deep, tight and crystal clear bass it delivers, will surprise you! No subwoofer needed at all! 


The Soundstage

The soundstage is just outright amazing! It's plays far beyond the speakers itself, and with a depth that makes you feel like you're listening to live acoustic music, it's one of the main features S300 MKII masters! 


Off axis performance

This has always been a big focus point for Buchardt Audio. The importance of the off axis performance (Contour response), is overlooked by many. Whether we want it or not, the room we place the speakers into is going to influence the sound a lot! Research suggest that the in-room response can be estimated from around 12% Direct sound, 44% Early reflections and 44% Sound Power. If speakers has nearly the same frequency response off-axis as on-axis, The sound will be authentic and the reflections bouncing around the room is not distorted. This give improved imagining precision, larger soundstage, and transparency. It also widens the sweet spot drastically and you will notice that the sound doesn't change character no matter where you are in the room. For many rooms this is very desirable - especially in untreated rooms. The drivers have a big impact on this, but the Crossover design influence this even more. S300's Contour response outperforms most other speakers - S400 will be one of the few that really takes this to the next level with its CDC waveguide design. 


Time corrected drivers.

Tweeter and woofer phase alignment is done in the Crossover compared to the physical solution we see with the S400  



Most companies shrug when it comes to the crossover quality, it's mainly because you don't see it.

In a Buchardt speaker you will only find high-quality components that last for a long time. This means low tolerance, for matching L/R speakers. This also means that the components don’t deteriorate with time. The capacitors used is the metallized film type. They are much more expensive than the electrolytic types but these sound way better and does not dry out or change behavior with age. We don't accept iron core inductors in a 2 way speaker! Only high quality cobber air coils are used for there much lower distortion. 


This speaker will work best in room sizes up to 60 sqm.



Operating principle:   2-way Bass reflex

Tweeter:   1 x 1" Fine weave soft fabric textile

Mid / woofer:   1 x 6" Mineral filled PP-cone

Impedance:   4 ohm

Sensitivity:   88 dB

Frequency response:   33 - 30.000 Hz +/- 3db

Crossover Point:  2600hz

Power recommendation:   40 - 200 W

Measurements (h x w x d):   370 x 190 x 330 mm

Weight:   20 kg / set