S300 MKII SE White (B-Stock)

S300 MKII SE White (B-Stock)

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S300 Loudspeakers


Speakers that haven’t passed our visual quality control. Its very small imperfections from the paint process. These errors are only visible in reflected lighting and within half a meters distance. Samples can be seen under pictures.

IMPORTANT! : For B-stock speakers we do NOT offer our free returns. Returns are paid by the customer.

Prices are per pair and include free fast worldwide shipping 2-5 days normally.

The Buchardt S300 MKII SE isn’t by any stretch a budget speaker, but it sounds a lot more expensive than it is. - Steve Guttenberg


10 Years warranty

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Want to hear the spit coming from the lips of your favorite musicians mouth? Or how about a fly buzzing around the studio during a recording session? Yeah. Neither do we. The S300 MK II isn’t here to serve as a microscope into the recorded event. It’s for the enthusiast who wants to kick back and enjoy great sound without having to fret over ‘what amp to use’ or locating the ‘perfect’ spot within a listening space. It’s a real world speaker that can play real world music, in real world rooms, at a price that the real world person can afford.


This speaker will work best in room sizes up to 60 sqm.



Operating principle:   2-way Bass reflex

Tweeter:   1 x 1" Fine weave soft fabric textile

Mid / woofer:   1 x 6" Mineral filled PP-cone

Impedance:   4 ohm

Sensitivity:   88 dB

Frequency response:   33 - 30.000 Hz +/- 3db (in room)

Crossover Point:  2600hz

Power recommendation:   40 - 200 W

Measurements (h x w x d):   370 x 190 x 330 mm

Weight:   20 kg / set